About hiphippie

I am one well taken care of Hippie who can’t stand spending my own money. So I picked up, moved into a 1972 school bus named Wayne and continued living my life as a normal 24 year old. I love a good beer, and seeking out the next level of happiness. Now that I think about it, those often go hand in hand.

The “Co.” Part:

One by one you will be introduced to my friends aka co-conspirators. I know them to well to generalize…so I’m leaving the generalizing, stereotyping and pigeon-holing up to you 😉

We can all be contacted here:




So cool! Well done! I need a 'Wayne' mobile myself! You are my new inspiration! 

Steve McAllister
Steve McAllister

I found you through Amber Osborne, but I have to say that you may just be one of the coolest people I've been in awhile. Wayne looks awesome! Congratulations on living an original life! Hope to hear from you soon. If you ever make it down to Sarasota, make sure to look me up.